Book Review: Running for Women

Running for Women

Met with the PT today; she told me to quit running until I can run pain-freeThe goal isn’t to be able to run in pain but to make the pain go away completely which isn’t going to happen if I keep running with things the way they are.  Frustrating but I know the last couple runs I’ve been in pain and should have stopped.  Good thing I’m headed to Alaska soon!

I just read Joan Samuelson’s Running for Women.

She won the first Olympic womens’ marathon in 1984 in 2:24:52 (17 days after having knee surgery!!) and also held the American womens’ marathon record for 17 years, 2:21:21.  Last year, at the age of 50, Joan competed in the US Olympic team trials and finished in 2:49:08, setting a new US 50+ record.  She is a running machine.

This is a great basic informational resource for women runners.  There is a training plan in the book, and Joan covers everything from nutrition to injuries to sports bras.  It’s part training and part autobiography.  I enjoyed reading about Joan’s career more than the informational stuff, but I think it’s a good mix of both and great for any woman runner.  It’s a really fast read; I’d recommend it.

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