Best Vegetable Smoothie Ever

Vegetable Smoothie

How do you know if you have made the best vegetable smoothie ever? If you look at the bottom of the glass and wish you had more. That’s when you know that you finally made it. You may also have a green mustache.

I like to make my own recipes using some standard guidelines. First you need liquid. I use water, orange juice (100%), or cranberry juice. Next you need vegetables. I usually go with the Baby Spinach. It tastes good and is readily available. Next, you need some fiber. I have three sources, a meal replacement, chia seeds or flaxseed. I usually alternate between the three. Haven’t notice much difference, however, I do notice I get less hungry when using the meal replacement.

Next for additional structure, I mix a fruit in the form of an apple. I normally using Granny Smith apples or a red delicious. Sometimes I will throw in a banana that I have frozen or you can use a fresh one. I top the vegetable smoothie with three or four ice cubes, put them all in the Vitamix and spin for a few minutes.

When the smoothie is well blended, (you will know) and you pour it in the glass, you will finally say this is the best vegetable smoothie ever.

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